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How this QRC generator works?

Using this QRC generator is completely hassle-free as we have designed it to be completely user & browser friendly and only a few steps, discussed below, are required to generate a catchy yet functional redirecting code with this tool:


Choose Data Type.

Select from available 19 data type options for QR code like email, URL, SMS and more.


Tailor-Make Freely.

Choose from range of color options for dots, marker options and your logo to personalize your QR code.


Generate in One Click.

Click on “Generate QR Code” and everything is done just the way you want.

Choose QRCgen.com As Your QR Code Generator and Step Up Your Marketing Game

A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode that is easy to decrypt with modern mobile phones. Some have built-in QRC scanners whilst some require to download a third-party software. These QR codes are used to store a piece of information like text message, vcard, email, Wi-Fi connection, location, skype ID, YouTube video link, PayPal payment, Facebook post, and images from a transitory media and put it in cell phone of your customers. Once it is scanned by the users, it may give them details about the business, show prescribed location, send a text message, show a URL which can be clicked to see a teaser of a movie, or it may give a discount coupon which can be used in a local outlet. With so many benefits, it all falls on a perfect yet user-friendly QRC generator to create exclusive QR codes with required information that colors and customizations of your choice. This page of QRCgen.com is your all-in-one QR Code marketing platform online to create exclusive QR codes. The quick response (QR) code generator on this page has been used to create thousands of algorithmic QR codes for individuals and brands for better commercial use. Generate high resolution QR codes with this tool by selecting the suitable size and precision options that can be printed on any paper, sticker, pamphlet or booklets for commercial use that are not only easy to scan but also doesn’t show any errors while scanning. Design your QR codes just the way you like with right blend of color tones, customize marker borders and pick the best option for marker centers and dots from our listed options in this tool for more exclusivity of QR codes. Because only a catchy and full of colors QR code will attract audience to scan, thus creating opportunity for you to convey the information you have stored in the QR.

Customize A Simple QR Code into A Catchy One Using the Above Tool to Increase Interaction of Audience with Your Coded Image

QR codes are vital part of any brand’s rising popularity nowadays as they are the offline lead to your social media, event, website, business card (Vcard), email & many more. Our QR Code Generator is absolutely FREE with no sign-up, registration or subscription required – create 100% ad-free, and fully functional QR codes that don't expire ever using the tool above. Generate as many exclusive and fully personalized QR codes and be as creative as you want by choosing from available customization options on this QR generator. However, it is essential that you produce such a catchy QR (quick response) code that ensures interaction of maximum number of audiences. How you can create a free yet fully functional and personalized QR Code using this tool? Follow few simple steps stated below to make your QR code more exclusive than the rest:

  • Select Data Type of QR Code
  • We have 19 QR code data types for you to choose from including website URL, SMS, Vcard, location, email message, Wi-Fi, Instagram page and many other options etc.

  • Add Content
  • Depending on the QR code type you have chosen, enter the content or information regarding your selected data type whether it is a website URL, Facebook page, email message, or text details, etc.

  • Choose Catchy Visuals
  • Bestow prominence to your QR code by changing the background and foreground color as per your likings and enhance uniqueness from a regular transparent looking code to a distinct one. You can also select gradient or radial color pattern for added exclusivity.

  • Customize Marker
  • Choose from different marker border and marker center choices including color combination options made available for your selection that perfectly complies with the level of uniqueness you have in mind for your QR code.

  • Alter Encoded data
  • Typically the encrypted data is shown in the form of dots in every regular looking QR code, but with this QR code generator you can go on the next step and change the traditional looking dots into something unique like a star, steric, heart or any other from available choices.

  • Add Logo To Your QR Code
  • Take your branding to next level and spread your identity to a maximum number of audiences by uploading and adding your logo in your generated QR code.

  • Remove Background Behind Logo
  • Give prominence to your added logo by selecting the “remove background behind logo” button to remove extra encoded data patterns behind your logo and keep them from emerging with it for a better yet clear view.

  • Download your QR code
  • Download your completed QR code image. We offer PNG format to print them as sheets of stickers, or email them, SVG format to never compromise on quality of graphics and direct printing option absolutely free.

The different data type options of QR code we offer in the above specially developed tool for you to select your most suited one from are discussed as follows: Choose Link

This allows you to paste website URL of your choice & transform it into a perfectly working QR code when you click on “Generate QR Code” to step up your marketing & brand recognition game.

Select vCard

Use this to show your business or personal information card to users who scan your generated QR code.

Opt for Text

This option allows you to store a text based data in any language of your choice behind a QR code to show on smart phone screen of your audience as soon they scan it.

Pick E-mail

Use this to store email of the receiver, subject and message in just a single scan.

Elect SMS

Use this option to send a text message to any phone number in any country of the world where its QR code is scanned.

Go for Wi-Fi

Running an eatery or saloon or any other business and customers come inside your premises? Give them extra service by letting them scan your QR code that automatically connects to your Wi-Fi without the need of any password.

Choose Bitcoin

Use this option to create a QR code that contains your Bitcoin address to receive donations from audience with their consent in every scan.

Select Location

Spreading pamphlets in the neighborhood? This option allows you to save mapped location of your store or any other premises behind a QR code that opens the map right after scanning.

Opt for Phone

This option allows you to paste your personal or business phone number behind a QR code that automatically opens the dialler and calls on your prescribed number after scanning.

Pick WhatsApp

This allows you to get added in the contact list on WhatsApp of your users right after initial scan.

Elect Skype

Use this to redirect users to send a message or directly give a call to your Skype ID after scanning and get in touch with you.

Choose zoom

Use this to create a QR code for the Zoom meeting URL that can be scanned before joining every meeting.

Select PayPal

Use this to ease your customers regarding the payment of any item or service. They just have to scan the QR code & make the payment.

Pick Twitter

Use this option to create such a QR code that redirect audience to your personal or business twitter profile easily without the need of manually searching with username.

Opt for Facebook

Use this to spread the link of your Facebook page or group and maximize its outreach to the audience and spread your marketing on social media each time it is scanned.

Elect PDF

Use this to generate such QR code that display catalog, magazine, eBook, brochure or any other PDF file in a single scan.

Choose Images

Use this option to share a series of images on every scan to the user about your products, business or upcoming events to the users.

Select Instagram

This enables you to allow users to scan the QR code and get redirected to your business or personal Instagram profile, thus, excluding the hassle of making customers type your username manually and search for you.

This QRCgen.com is your all-in-one free and entirely user-friendly QR code generator on the web today that allows you to generate customized QR codes with added logo through numerous available customization options. These QR codes with right blend of colors and designs selected by you are guaranteed to give 30% more interaction with your audience than any black and white traditional looking QR code. Our generated QR codes personalized as per your hand-picked data type and creative selection of color options from available choices in the above tool are sure to become an important marketing tool for you as they are easy to use and guaranteed to inspire scans by the audience. Till now, this tool has been used to generate almost ten million of QR codes of every niche and genre, whether it is an e-commerce, social media platforms, chatting rooms or any other, and it 100% accurate every time, anytime. Now, this tool has found its way into mobiles, PCs and bookmark bars of plethora of netizens due to its complete reliability, flawlessness and enhanced compatibility. Use it Now to experience its Power!

"QR Code" is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED & all rights belong to their respective owners.

If this QR code generator is useful for you, we hope you'll share it in your social circle so it can help them too! If there's anything we can do to make it more convenient or add any more data types, then please let us know! You can send us feedback by contacting us, or leave a comment (or both!).

100% Free:

This QRC generator is a 100% free web-based tool designed by professional programmers to intensify the ease for users to bestow exclusivity to simplest QR codes for better interaction with the audience.

Easy to use:

Designed with a user-friendly interface, and no complicated procedures, just select your data type on this tool and customize in just a few clicks regarding your preferences for the QR code.

Generate Unlimited Codes:

No matter how many hundreds and thousands of data types into fully function QR codes you wish to generate, we facilitate you at every step and do not require any sort of registration or subscription.

Create Stylish Codes:

This QR code generator allows you to unleash your hidden designer and allows you to customize markers, and dots, with the right blend of colors & add logo that is sure to gain you individuality.

Huge Stock of Color Options:

In this tool we give you complete freedom to choose the color scheme of your choice and contrast colors with one another to create a catchy QR code that ensures interaction at first sight.

Download with Ease:

All the QR codes generated by this tool are very easy to download and print. So, select your preferred download option from PNG and SVG format to never compromise on the print quality.


What Clients Says

Frequently asked Questions

What is QR code and why do I need one?
Invented by Denso Wave in 1994, a QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode that is easy to decrypt by modern mobile phones. QR codes are used to store different piece of information like text message, vcard, email, Wi-Fi connection, location, skype ID, YouTube video link, PayPal payment, Facebook post, images and many more from a transitory media and put it in cell phone of your customers. We have almost every type of data type in our QRC generator for you to select from as per your choice.
What is QR code and why do I need one?
Invented by Denso Wave in 1994, a QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode that is easy to decrypt by modern mobile phones. QR codes are used to store different piece of information like text message, vcard, email, Wi-Fi connection, location, skype ID, YouTube video link, PayPal payment, Facebook post, images and many more from a transitory media and put it in cell phone of your customers. We have almost every type of data type in our QRC generator on top of this page for you to select from as per your choice.
What is this QR code generator?
It is a web-based tool designed to generate unique & exclusive QR codes to increase interaction of audience with them. Depending on the data type, custom colors and logo you want to add on your QR code, you can use QR code on this page to create marvelous and distinct looking QR codes with everything of your choice by choosing from variety of options.
What is the validity duration of my QR code generated with this tool?
Every QR code you create with this tool does not expire ever and stays valid until you have removed it or changed it.
How much does it cost to generate a QR code with this tool?
It is something many users question from us. And every time we are delighted to say that our QR code generator service is absolutely free that has earned us a huge base of satisfied individuals and brands. So, once you create a QR code with data type of your preference, colors, and other customizations from available options in this tool, they are yours forever without any hidden fee or charges.
Do you also have QR code generating app?
No, we don't have a QR code generating app yet, but this website is 100% mobile friendly and can be used on all devices and web browsers. You can bookmark or favorite this page to quickly use it for all your QR code generating needs with customization of your choice.
Do you save QR code on your server side when i generate one using this tool?
No, every quick response code you customize with this generator stays purely on the frontend and we do not save it on backend in any case scenario.
Can I customize my QR code?
Yes, you absolutely can! We offer variety of data type options, colors options and types for marker center, marker border, encoded data dot patterns, custom logo and many other options in this tool from where you can choose the ones to your liking and get yourself a catchy looking coded image with your required information.
Can I use QR codes commercially?
Yes, you can use generated QR codes using this generator commercially, but make sure to select the right format from PNG and SVG depending on your medium of use whether it is a sticker, a paper or a pamphlet because a wrong format might cause trouble in getting printing on unsupported medium that can result in error in scans.
What kind of data can I store when creating a QR code with this tool?
From SMS, YouTube video link, Facebook post, email, Vcard, paypal, bitcoin, and many other options available on this panel above, you can choose your required slot & paste the data or information you want audience to be redirected towards.
Is there a possibility that I can create multiple QR codes with this tool for a single piece of information?
Well yes there definitely is a possibility. But it is to be noted that you must change the marker border, marker center, dot shapes, foreground and background colors, your logo and many other options from available choices for the same type of data on the backend but diverse looking on the frontend.
Can I add logo on my QR code?
We provide you with the facility to choose from few options made available in this tool as per your entered data type like mail logo, play button logo and many more. But if you have your own logo than you can easily upload it in a single click and use it to completely personalize your generated QR code.
Will my QR code look like a traditional black and white one?
It doesn’t have to be like this. In today’s innovative era, it is essential to leave traditional looking things and bring creativity forward, same is the case with QR codes. We offer many options of colors, dot shapes, marker border shapes in this QR code generator above to let you break the cycles of classical looking QR codes and showoff your QR codes in style and sophistication.
In what formats can I save my QR code?
We offer PNG and SVG formats right in the above tool as they are the best choices to print a QR code. Moreover, we also allow our users to directly print it in the best possible graphical resolution.
Is there any sort of scan limit for QR codes?
No, every QR code you personalize and create with this QR code generator does not have any scan limit.
What should I avoid when designing a QR code with this tool?
Although we provide freedom to choose the colors of your choice in this QR code generator but make sure you always use a darker color for the background of QR code and a lighter contrast color on the foreground for easy scanning from any camera or third-party software.
Can I check the working of my QR code before printing?
As soon as you click on “Generate QR Code” on this tool, you can open the camera or any third party QR code scanning software to check if the QR code you have generated is working fine or not.